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The Most Important Quality for a Real Estate Agent?

Have you ever wanted a "tough" agent--one that will fight for you and push to get exactly what you want, even at the expense of others?

Well, if you want that kind of an agent, you may be in for trouble. The reality is that every transaction requires both the buyers and the sellers to work together to reach a satisfactory outcome.

To be sure, almost every transaction hits a bump in the road and often, emotions run high. Sadly, threats and ultimatums are not uncommon as agents jockey for "position" in the process.

I'm here to tell you that process doesn't work.

Let me share a recent experience.

I had a recent transaction that could have easily gone south as the deal began to unravel. But rather than getting angry or overly aggressive, I chose to work with the Buyer's agent and the lenders to work to a satisfactory conclusion before presenting it to my Sellers. I was then able to facilitate a results-driven conversation while presenting the facts, not the emotion of the situation.

We were able to keep the contract on track without undue threats or ultimatums. We came to a conclusion together and we are now moving forward with confidence to the close of escrow.

You need an agent with your interests at the forefront at all times, but who also possesses the necessary skills for respectful negotiation.

My twenty-five years in leadership positions for a world-class healthcare provider has put me in a unique position to negotiate clearly, concisely and compassionately. Let me put my skillset to work for you.

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