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It was our pleasure to sponsor a neighborhood food drive to support Walnut Creek's Community Service Day on October 9. Dianne designed flyers and we canvassed the neighborhood and delivered 250 bags to our Walnut Heights neighbors.

It was quite an expedition--we live in a hilly neighborhood and definitely got plenty of steps in on our smart watches! On the day of the food drive, I gathered up the grandkids and my family and picked up the generous donations. What fun we had, dodging turkeys and plenty of deer. And best of all--we have the opportunity to serve our neighbors and the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano! It's always a good time to do a good deed!


Even if we are not in the middle of a food drive, I’d be pleased to swing by your porch and pick up a donation to deliver to the food bank. It’s been an especially rough year for many of our neighbors, and the food bank can use our generous donations!


So, neighbor-to-neighbor, let’s help each other. It would be my pleasure.  


Together, Doug and Dianne have delivered more than sixty birthday cakes through Cake4Kids for at-risk youth living in foster care, shelters or experiencing other types of need.

Who is Cake4Kids? 

Cake4Kids is powered by an amazing and compassionate group of volunteers who are mostly home-bakers. There is no minimum commitment — volunteers choose how often and which cakes they want to bake. They bake the cake at home and deliver it to one of the partner agencies who support the youth.

Cake4Kids volunteers never meet the children they support, but every cake is custom-made for each child and an enormous amount of love is baked into each one.

"Just imagine what you can accomplish when enthusiastic volunteers come together to help your organization. People will be ready, excited, and energized to roll up their sleeves and help the community."

I'm a proud sponsor of a neighborhood food drive benefitting the Food Bank of Contra Costa/Solano. And my little neighborhood collected more food than any other local drive! (It might have been the adorable faces of my crew!)

LEARN MORE ABOUT walnut creek's next community service day on october 10, 2020


When a little bird told us that Monument Crisis Center was OUT of pasta, we knew we had to help. We put together a "pasta drive" on social media to garner enough donations to equal "a pound of pasta" per a "pound of Doug." Our expectations were far exceeded when donations provided enough cash for 388 pounds of pasta for the holidays. See it unfold ...

And for all of the hard work exhibited by the Monument Crisis Center crew, a #FreeLunch seemed like an appropriate gesture of thanks!

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