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A Thriving Downtown!

Walnut Creek's thriving downtown is the heart of the City. With bustling restaurants, fabulous retail centers including Broadway Plaza, public art displays and great people, Walnut Creek feels like home!
As Walnut Creek residents, we strongly support our downtown programs including "Walnut Creek Together," a a unique campaign to show love and commitment with a desire to strengthen and support local residents and businesses through this unique and difficult time.


Walnut Creek offers a compelling combination of Urban sophistication, Suburban ease, and is surrounded by nature. 


With a vibrant downtown offering fine dining, world-class shopping, arts and entertainment it still maintains its small town quality of life, while offering a full range of amenities typically found in a much larger city. 

Would you believe 104 restaurants!  This is JUST in the core downtown area and this doesn’t include the many coffee, ice cream, yogurt, specialty cake shops, etc.  An amazing choice of dining, as well shopping and strolling. 


Check out this list to find your new favorite place to grab a bite to eat!


Sundays year round 9am-1pm

The Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market is a thriving and wonderful community gathering place with friendly farmers and artisan purveyors offering an array of locally sourced food. A perfect place to meet a friend for coffee or to start the day off with your family, you’ll find many of your grocery needs at your fingertips, including breads, cheese, dips, honey, jams, meats and olive oil. Enjoy live music from local musicians while you shop the bustling market.

We are proud to work with farmers and artisan vendors who provide some of the finest and freshest produce each week. The farmers and vendors are happy to answer any questions you may have about their growing practices or how they make their products, strike up a conversation with them!

Nestled on Locust Street between Cole and Lacassie St, the market’s central location makes it accessible to everyone whether you’re walking, biking, driving or riding public transit. We’re a short walk from BART. We look forward to seeing you at the market.


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