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Is Your Home Up to Par? What Today's Homebuyers Really Want

buyers daydreaming of a beautiful home

In today's dynamic housing market, homebuyers are seeking more than just a place to live – they're looking for a sanctuary that meets their evolving needs and desires. As preferences shift over time, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for homeowners and builders alike.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in 2020, amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, what homebuyers want experienced a notable shift. With homes serving as multifunctional spaces for work, leisure, and more, it's no surprise that buyers are seeking specific features to accommodate their lifestyles.

So, what exactly are today's homebuyers looking for?

Let's dive into the top features that rank high on their wish lists.

Overall Features: Among the myriad of features surveyed, certain elements stood out as particularly desirable:

  1. Laundry Room

  2. Exterior Lighting

  3. Ceiling Fan

  4. ENERGY STAR Rated Windows

  5. Patio

  6. Side-by-Side Kitchen Sinks

  7. Walk-in Pantry

  8. Front Porch

  9. ENERGY STAR Rated Appliances

  10. Hardwood Floors in Main Level Living Area

  11. Full Bath on Main Level

  12. Energy-Efficient Lighting

These features not only enhance the functionality of a home but also contribute to its overall value and appeal.

Let's Break It Down a Little

a beautiful kitchen

Kitchen Features: The heart of any home, the kitchen, holds significant importance for buyers:

  1. Side-by-Side Kitchen Sinks

  2. Walk-in Pantry

  3. Table Space for Eating

  4. Central Island

  5. Drinking Water Filtration

While some of these features may require remodeling, others can be achieved through strategic design and planning.

Specialty Rooms: Buyers also expressed a strong preference for specific specialty rooms:

  1. Laundry Room

  2. Dining Room

  3. Great Room

  4. Home Office

  5. Separate Living Room

Creating these spaces often involves repurposing existing rooms to align with buyers' needs and lifestyles.

an outdoor patio setting

Outdoor Features: Outdoor living spaces continue to be highly sought after:

  1. Exterior Lighting

  2. Patio

  3. Front Porch

  4. Rear Porch

  5. Deck

From enhancing curb appeal to providing additional entertainment areas, these features add value to any home.

Green Features: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, buyers are prioritizing green features:

  1. ENERGY STAR Windows

  2. ENERGY STAR Appliances

  3. Energy-Efficient Lighting

  4. ENERGY STAR Rating for Entire Home

  5. Triple-Pane Insulating Glass Windows

Investing in energy-efficient upgrades not only reduces utility costs but also aligns with eco-conscious living.

Find Your Dream Home

Whether you're in the market for a new home or considering renovations, we are here to help you navigate your options and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

With our expertise and personalized approach, we'll guide you every step of the way!


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