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Premier vs. Premiere: What a Difference an 'E' Makes!

Details matter!

My PREMIER marketing can make the your home's listing PREMIERE far more effective.

When I say that I offer premier marketing, what does that mean?

The concept of marketing is simple: Get the property looking its best and get it in front of as many eyes as possible. Although the concept is simple, the execution of a great marketing plan is anything but simple!

Every home sale is different. However, regardless of price point, every home deserves celebrity treatment. I’ll even take care of everything for you! Move out and I’ll make sure that all the details are perfect.

First step in marketing? Get the house ready for its closeup. In my experience in the Bay Area market, a well-presented home often sells more quickly and for more money.

Don't leave a dime on the table!


With the Sellers ALWAYS in the driver’s seat, I often recommend:

1. Curb Appeal Update. The first impression of your home is so important that I offer a $1500 curb appeal stipend to brighten and freshen your home’s exterior. The money can be used for trimming and pruning, adding a fence, painting trim or a front door or planting flower beds or container gardens. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER!

2. Complimentary Staging. A staged home photographs better and presents a more enticing online presence. If you are living in your home while it’s on the market, my stagers provide a detailed list of items to remove and then place furniture and accessories to make the photographs pop. Many of my clients “live” in the staging and have no issues during the process.

Check out a favorite before/after:

3. Pre-Listing Inspections. Knowledge is power. Completing pre-listing inspections and documenting the findings in the online disclosures reassure potential buyers that your home is an open book. I have found that homes with pre-listing inspections receive better offers, often with no contingencies.

4. Professional Photography and Videography. My great photography partner can help to create the visual “story” of your home. Photography MATTERS.


1. Custom Property Website. Your website, with a custom URL, will be used in marketing your property across multiple venues. Your website will include photos, video, well-executed copy, features list, location map and neighborhood details. Consider it a one-stop shop for potential buyers to explore your home. Well-written, grammatically correct copy is a given!

2. Placement on Visitors will find it simple to navigate to your home from the website header.

3. Targeted advertising. Your custom property website will be advertised to specific communities and demographics. These targeted ads often result in more than 1000 hits to the property website.

4. Brochures, Flyers, Booklets. Your home will be highlighted with high-quality flyers and brochures to focus on the outstanding features of your home.

5. Targeted Email Blasts. Your home will land in the inbox of thousands of local agents who may have clients anxious to find a home like yours.

6. Keller-Williams Network: As a Keller-Williams Luxury agent, I have access to additional avenues to get your home noticed! I will leverage my contacts to get your home noticed.

7. A Good Old-Fashioned Print Campaign. Two-hundred flyers are hand-delivered to neighbors.

8. Open Houses and Broker’s Tours. I host open houses and catered broker’s tours to increase traffic to your home.

And perhaps most important? I answer my phone when interested agents call. You can expect me to be on-call for potential buyers 24/7.

Why settle for less? First-class, concierge service. Integrity. Real people. Even a few laughs!


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