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MYTHBUSTERS: The Value of an Open House

Do you remember the show, “Mythbusters?” It was a pretty simple concept. The show tackled hard-hitting issues such as whether it's possible to get stuck in an airplane toilet while it is in flight and whether helium balloons can lift a lawn chair off the ground. (Season 1 is available now!)

Well, I’m here to apply that concept to the value of an open house, and the result may surprise you.

Perhaps you have heard statements such as “an open house doesn’t sell a property” or “serious buyers don’t attend open houses.”

Let’s do a little myth-busting on open house assumptions and get to the truth.

Myth: An Open House Doesn’t Sell a Property

In fact, my last listing was purchased by a woman who came to an open house with her friends. She loved the house and came back to another open house the next day and spent time enjoying the backyard and exploring the amenities at her leisure. I was able to answer her extensive questions about the home and create an environment of trust. She is now preparing to move into her new home.

This is not an isolated event. A skillfully-executed open house brings buyers through the front door. Period!

Myth: Serious Buyers Will Book an Appointment with their Agent

In today’s online world, homebuyers are far more independent than in the past. Buyers enjoy seeking out homes to visit and open houses provide the perfect opportunity to do so. In fact, many of the private appointments that are booked following an open house are from buyers who came to the open house and decided to return for another look with their agent.

Private showings will always be a vital component of selling a home, but a home that is beautifully presented online will excite buyers and bring them to an open house to experience the home for themselves in a more relaxed environment.

The Takeaway

In my experience, a well-executed open house with extensive advertising, excellent online presence, delicious food or treats, gift card raffles, and a warm environment is an invaluable tool in marketing your home and getting it SOLD as soon as possible.

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