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My Mama Told Me ... You'd Better Shop Around!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Sorry about the throwback to Captain and Tenille. (Never heard of them? Google it!)

But Mama and the Captain were both right when it comes to mortgages. It’s important to shop around to get the best information—and the best rates, the best loan agent and the best service possible!

According to, almost 50% of first-time homebuyers committed to a loan with their own banking institution without, you guessed it, shopping around! And nearly 75% of first-time home buyers admitted that they didn’t really understand the loan terms as presented by the mortgage company.

Takeaway? Home Buyers need guidance and representation throughout the entire loan process which includes the mortgage process. A well-versed loan officer can make a huge difference in securing a home loan with the best rate possible and seeing it through to the close of escrow.

And a great real estate agent can help you do the right research to find a good match for the mortgage loan process.


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