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Let's Talk 'Off Market Listings'

I recently met with clients who wanted to sell their home but dreaded the entire process. Wrangling the schedule of a large family to accommodate multiple showings, packing up personal items and prepping the home while handling high-demand jobs seemed daunting.

After discussing the options, they gave me their “Make Me Move” price and I got to work marketing their home during their family vacation. Through my connections, I scheduled visits with interested parties and within a week, we had two solid offers—and one hit all the marks on the “Make Me Move” price AND terms without disrupting their daily schedule.

Curious to learn more?

What is an Off-Market Sale?

Simply stated, selling a house off-market means putting a house up for sale without listing it publicly on the (Multiple Listing Service) MLS.

Is an Off-Market Sale for Me?

Let’s be perfectly clear: Selling a home off market is not for everyone. The main reason a seller may avoid off-market listings is in the name itself—limiting the potential buyer market can make it tougher to find the right buyer at the desired price point and could potentially result in selling a home for less without the influence of heavy market competition.

However, an off-market listing may make sense for you if:

•Your timeline or budget does not accommodate preparing your home for the market (de-cluttering, removing furniture, staging, cleaning, making upgrades such as paint or flooring, etc.)

•Opening your home for multiple showings seems daunting especially when young children or elderly individuals live in the home.

•The desire to maintain privacy during the process is critical.

Listing a home in the standard manner results in a great deal of personal information being shared across the internet including address, asking price, listing agent, exterior and interior photos, features and amenities, property taxes and more. These details then make your way to every real estate website on the internet. For some sellers, this information dump feels very unsettling.

How is an Off-Market Sale Advertised?

It takes an experienced agent with great connections to effectively promote an off-market listing. As a Keller-Williams agent, I have access to hundreds of top area agents who have buyers looking for home just like yours.

And don’t worry about the legalities: When I sell a home off market, I do everything in compliance with the Department of Real Estate and following the appropriate protocol for getting the word out to our local Real Estate Community.

It’s important to discuss the pros and cons of your personal situation with a qualified agent to plan the best strategy for selling and marketing your home. I’d be happy to oblige! 925.360.3261

Feel free to check out my Seller Resources for more info.


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