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I Believe So Strongly in Pre-Listing Inspections that I PAY for Them!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I believe in home inspections so strongly that I WILL PAY FOR THEM!


Why?: Knowledge is power.

I'm a HUGE proponent of Pre-Listing Inspections and I have some interesting experiences to back up my thinking. Not all homeowners get excited about performing these inspections. For some Sellers, it may induce a little anxiety and it feels better to have their heads in the sand when it comes to a home's issues. I get it.

I recommend that most homes undergo a pest inspection (termite), sewer lateral, roof inspection, and home inspection. I believe in them so strongly that I WILL PAY FOR THEM!

Pre-listing inspections can put a Seller in the driver's seat when it comes to potential offers. And I always reiterate this important fact: As a Seller, you don't have to do ANYTHING about the findings of the pre-listing inspection. Upfront knowledge of a home's condition can add a layer of security to both buyers and sellers as they move through the offer and escrow process.


It's all part of my Gold Glove Service including Pre-Listing Inspections, $1500 Curb Appeal Update, Complimentary Staging and MORE! It's all part of my Gold Glove Service!


Here's why pre-listing inspections save both time and money while potentially producing higher, more secure offers.

Identifying repairs that will increase your home's value. A pre-inspection can identify any repairs that need to be made to your home. If you choose to do so, making these repairs before you list your home can increase its value and make it more attractive to buyers.

Disclosing any defects to potential buyers. A pre-inspection can identify any defects in your home. Disclosing these defects to potential buyers can help you avoid surprises during the escrow process. It can also help you avoid having to negotiate the price of your home after it has been accepted and flaws are discovered later.

I have had deals fall apart when costly repairs are discovered by the Buyer, who develops cold feet about the overall condition of the home.

Attracting buyers who are willing to waive their inspection contingency. A pre-inspection can help you attract buyers who are willing to waive their inspection contingency. This means that the buyer agrees to buy your home as-is, without having the right to have an inspection done. This can make your home more desirable to buyers who want to make their offer more appealing.

This tactic has been very successful for a number of my Sellers who enjoyed receiving offers with no inspection contingency. It's one less thing to worry about it!

Lastly, pre-listing inspections can save time--and money--for everyone involved in the transaction.

The Takeaway

Pre-inspections can save you thousands of dollars when selling your home. If you are thinking about selling, I recommend having your home pre-inspected before you list. And I believe in the concept so strongly, I'll pay for it. It's around a thousand bucks of additional value when you choose me to represent your home.

Integrity and Respect included!


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