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Father's Day Ideas From the Heart--Not the Wallet!

I love Father’s Day. And not just because I get to celebrate myself! I love taking some time to honor my Dad and other men who have influenced my life in positive ways.

But if you’re not careful, Father’s Day can kind of sneak up on you. And with shipping delays and supply chain issues, it might be too late to order that special gift.

Never fear! I’ve got some great Father’s Day celebration ideas that won’t break the bank. And I’ve thrown in some local fun too!

Check out a few of these last-minute ideas that don’t cost a lot—and don’t feel last-minute!

Put Those Socks Where They Belong!

Is Dad’s sock drawer a crazy mess? (At my house, my dog Frank helps himself to my socks and drags them around the house!) Kids can help organize Dad’s socks by color and don’t stop there! It’s fun to organize shoes and shirts, too. It’s not a big huge task, but it’s fun for the kids and it’s a great gesture.

The Big Screen—at Home!

Take family night to a new level by preparing Dad’s favorite snacks (Junior Mints, please) and let Dad choose the movie. And don’t forget the popcorn!

If You Give a Dad a Cookie

Homemade cookies? Yes, please! Try this recipe. It’s guaranteed to please.

Every Dad has a Story

As a kid (and as an adult) I love to listen to Dad’s stories. It’s a great opportunity to learn a little about family history and to appreciate some of Dad’s sacrifices! Gather everyone around and give Dad the opportunity to answer questions about his childhood, school memories and more. He’ll appreciate the interest in his life story.

Working at the Car Wash

Dad loves a clean car and let’s face it. Families and kids can wreak havoc on vehicles. Surprise Dad with a thorough car cleaning—inside and out! Then why not hop in and head to the nearest ice cream shop? (Rocky Road!)

How About Some Local Fun?

All Dad wants on Father’s Day is to relax and spend time with his family. Check out these local opportunities:

Music and BBQ in Martinez, CA – For Dads who love music

The King of the County BBQ Challenge and Music Festival is a go-to East Bay Area event for Father’s Day. If your dad loves music and BBQ, then you will not regret taking him here.

Play Catch on the A’s field – For Dads who love sports

Is there a better way to celebrate Father’s Day in the East Bay Area than to play catch with your Father figure on the field? On June 19, after the game, there will be a Father’s Day Play Catch event. This is to make the day memorable and to get autographs from your favorite A’s players.

Father’s Day Car Show at Blackhawk Museum – For Dads who love Cars

Another fun way to spend time with your dad is to attend the Inaugural Jon Snyder Father’s Day Car Show at Blackhawk Museum. The event will begin at 8:00 am and run till 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 19. It is a casual event open to all who want to show off their vehicle while relaxing with other car lovers.

Of course, if Dad is interested in learning more about the local real estate market, I’m always available for a chat! Read all about my Gold Glove Service here and let me get to work for YOU.


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