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Doug's Favorite Things 2021!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Oprah has her ‘Favorite Things’ List and since Oprah’s got nothing on me, I thought it would be fun (and maybe humorous) to share my “Favorite Things” List for the holidays.

I’ve gathered gift ideas and holiday suggestions for every budget and for everyone on your gift list.


But this is seriously a list of ten of my favorite things! Take that, Oprah.

Note: Although I've provided links to these products, I do not sponsor any of them. I am a regular consumer--just like you!

My Favorite Household Product: Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser

It’s no joke when I say that I always carry a Magic Eraser with me. Scuff marks on the wall? Magic Eraser. Paint dribbles on the floor? Magic Eraser. Sticky adhesive glue on a picture frame you just bought? Magic Eraser. Dirty cell phone case? Magic Eraser. The only thing I never use my Magic Eraser on is the dog. Never use it on the dog. Check it out here.

My Favorite Masks: Masks by Mona

Nobody likes wearing a mask, but these Masks by Mona make it a little bit more fun! We have enjoyed sporting fabrics for all the fall holidays. The masks are comfortable, wash well and Mona even makes matching scrunchies. DM her on Instagram at dismukemona.

My Favorite Gift for the Germophobe in Your Life: Bamboo Paper Towel Dispenser

Family and guests alike will love the cleanliness of using paper towels after a visit to the restroom. Face it, no one wants to share a dirty, limp hand towel. This chic paper towel dispenser is more hygienic and looks pretty darn cool! Learn more.

My Favorite Streaming Shows: The Walking Dead, Ted Lasso

Everyone loves a good recommendation for binge-worthy programming. Lately, I can’t stop watching The Walking Dead. Looking for a feel good, oddly comedic binge? Ted Lasso is literally my hero and I don’t even play soccer. But neither does he, so there’s that. I have a whole lot more I enjoy too. Never Have I Ever is great fun (and includes John McEnroe as the narrator!) and if you like good serial-killer programming, I’ve got plenty more recommendations!

My Favorite Personal Electronics: Airpod Pros

It was hard to convince me that splurging on the more-expensive Airpod version would be worth it but WOW. I am obsessed with the noise-cancelling abilities of these puppies. Music is so much more enjoyable and even listening to my favorite podcast on my morning walk is greatly enhanced. My cheaper generic headsets landed straight in the garbage. Check them out here.

My Favorite 'Splurge' Electronics: Starlink

Working at my Lake Shasta cabin was nearly impossible until we purchased a Starlink satellite for internet. Designed for use in remote areas, it has completely changed our ability to stream live programming, send and receive emails, browse the MLS or even work on the backend of my website. Over time, Starlink internet keeps getting better and better with the launching of new satellites. I'm really excited that I can vacation--and work a little--at my favorite vacation spot! Learn more here.

My Favorite Kitchen Appliance: Blendtec

The Blendtec folks and the VitaMax folks are often at odds. I’m a Blendtec guy, but it’s easy to see why I lean that direction. I use it every single day for my protein shakes and Dianne uses for everything from sifting powdered sugar to making waffle batter. We’ve had this machine since 2008 and it’s been used well over 5,000 times. (It keeps track!) It’s still going strong. What more can I say? Blend away here.

My Favorite Security Device: August Door Locks

My son gave us an August Door Lock system and now I can’t imagine carrying keys around to lock or unlock my front door. I installed the August app on my phone and it senses when I am arriving and unlocks the door for me. It’s great when you’re carrying groceries or excited to see the dog! You can share entry with guests or contractors. Visit August's website here.

My Favorite Household Appliance: Bissell Spinwave Floor Cleaner

I live in a somewhat rural setting and dust and dirt is commonly blowing through the front door onto my floors. The Bissell floor cleaner almost makes cleaning fun! The spinning heads and the mild solution is great for floors and the cleaning pads can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning. As an added bonus, Cathy Bisselll is a huge supporter of pets and every purchase benefits animal shelters! Learn more here.

My Favorite Extravagance: BMWs

Dianne and I never saw it coming, but somehow, we have ended up with 3 BMWs in our household. They have all been great cars and get surprisingly good gas mileage. Our favorite is the 1999 BMW Roadster Convertible. 10/10 recommend a convertible for everyone. Seeing the stars at night in a convertible is therapy! Check out BMW here.

My Favorite, of course: Real Estate!

The market remains strong and real estate is a great investment. Looking to purchase a long-term or short-term rental? Thinking about buying a family cabin or beachhouse? Put me to work for YOU!

Visit and then give me a call!

Happy Holidays!


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