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Does Home Staging Really Matter in a Hot Market? YES!

Updated: May 21, 2021

First, let’s put the cards on the table: I offer complimentary staging for every listing.

Why would I give up a chunk of my commission to pay for staging?

In a hot Seller’s market, inventory is low and it might seem that skipping home staging is a good strategy to save a little extra cash. Sure, Sellers have a greater chance of selling a home “as-is” in a hot market, but I believe that no Seller should leave money on the table. Staged homes generally sell faster (1-17% faster) and for more money (up to 5% higher) than unstaged homes.

If your real estate agent does not recommend and provide COMPLIMENTARY HOME STAGING, chances are good that money is being left on the table that should be in your pocket.

Does staging really make a difference?

Check out these Before/After photos of a recent listing and see for yourself!







Obviously, the photos tell a compelling story. But there is psychology behind staging as well:

Buyers are Anxious

In a hot market, buyers have a higher sense of urgency. Because they feel compelled to move more quickly and may be governed by emotion in the process, a staged home provides a distinct advantage. Tug on a buyer’s connection by staging a home nursery or a backyard patio. Buyers need thoughtfully furnished rooms that help them visualize living in the home.

Zillow is the “Tinder” of the Real Estate World

In a world of swiping and shortened attention spans, searching for a home almost always starts with online shopping. An average shopper makes a decision about the desirability of a home in the first 3-7 seconds of viewing the first photo. Great photos can determine whether a future buyer consider your home—and great photos start with great staging.

Staging is an Expectation

I offer complimentary staging at every price point. EVERY sale is important and if I can improve a Seller’s experience—regardless of the marketplace—I will do so. Buyers in this market expect a home to look great. An unstaged home can be very uninspiring. I believe in giving my Seller’s an edge in every transaction.

Staging Maximizes Size and Makes a Home Seem More Livable

One of staging’s goals is to make a home feel larger. Staging can turn a room that appears “too small” to “cozy” in a buyer’s mind. Using appropriately sized furniture is just the beginning. Furniture placement defines traffic flow and creates purpose to each room in a home.

Takeaway: If you are considering selling your home, staging it is a “no brainer.” Are you interested in learning more about how home staging works? Give me a call anytime!


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