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Diary of a Real Estate 'Quickie'

From Zero to Listed in less than seven days? You’d better believe it!

You know how it is. Sometimes life happens. And when life happens to a homeowner, quick action may need to take place to get a home on the market at what may seem to be a breakneck pace. This unpredictability is what makes real estate challenging—and fun—because meeting the needs of a client “feels so good!”

That’s where our experience, patience, connections, and old-fashioned hard work comes into play.

What Does a 7-Day Timeline Look Like?

Day One: Seller Moves Out

Day Two: Seller Continues to Move Out (Hey—it’s a lot of effort!)

Day Three: Listing Agreement Signed

Day Four: Carpets Cleaned, Touch-up Paint, AC Serviced, Roof Repaired, Inspections Ordered, House Cleaned

Day Five: Whole-House Staging, Professional Photography including Video/Drone

Day Six: Property Landing Page Created, Interactive Brochure Created, Email blast to 1500 local agents, Flyer Created, 100 You’re Invited Open House Flyers delivered by hand to neighbors advertising an open house, Home Comes to Market

Day Seven: Open House Weekend with catered treats, Targeted ads running

Now what?

After we take a quick breath, we continue premier marketing efforts including video, blogs, Google posts, and of course follow-up. Lots and lots of follow-up.

The anatomy of a Real Estate Quickie really consolidates the time frame, which I am happy to do. However, if you are interested in listing in the future and would like some solid advice, I love that timeline, too. Are you not even sure that a home sale is right for you, but would love to chat about it? I love that timeline too.

Whether you’re into the Real Estate Quickie or prefer a more relaxed approach, let’s talk. No pressure. Just the facts.

Quickie is optional. 925.360.3261


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