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A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

While hosting my recent listing at an open house, one of the home-buying guests asked if he could join the ‘wait-list’ to buy the model home. The listing looked SO GREAT, he mistakenly thought it was a model home.

With Zillow now considered to be the “tinder” of the home buying world, putting your best foot forward in the digital marketplace is crucial. Don’t let an interested buyer swipe left (or is it right?) because your home isn’t presenting well online. Home staging, when paired with high-quality photography, can create the image you need as a Seller to capture a buyer’s short attention span and get them in the door to see the home for themselves.

Why is that the case?

Great home staging visually helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home, flipping pancakes on Sunday morning, or planting tomatoes in the backyard. Home staging can enhance the emotional appeal of a property while highlighting its best features. A well-staged room feels larger and more welcoming. Great home staging creates a perfect setting for high-end photographers to capture the most important aspects of your home to make it truly stand out online.

How much does staging cost?

As part of my listing agreement, I happily provide complimentary staging services to my clients. These fees can often be substantial, but I truly believe that a staged home spends less time on the market, receives more showings, and ultimately commands a higher sales price.

So how does home staging work?

I offer complimentary staging for my clients. Period.

Why? Doesn’t it cost thousands of dollars? Yes, but here’s the bottom line: In my experience, a well-staged home sells faster and for more money.

Home staging can be performed on both vacant homes and owner-occupied homes. A qualified home stager will provide an itemized list of items to be removed from a home and will bring in the necessary furniture and accessories to achieve the desired look.

Call me today and let’s discuss how complimentary staging can work for YOU.


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