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Week 2: Raccoons and Outdoor Laundry. Living the Renovation Dream!

Renovations are fraught with peril and this week was definitely perilous.

As you may recall, the demolition unearthed a disturbing crack and settling in the cement slab underneath the subfloor. And we have good news and bad news. The good news is that the foundation is fine. The bad news is that the concrete needed to be completely removed, the soil excavated, and a grade beam poured to link the bedroom to the new bathroom before we could move forward.


But there were bright spots. I mean two words sum it up: OUTDOOR LAUNDRY. And also, potentially raccoons, if we are lucky.

Check out our latest video for all the juicy details. And don't feel sorry for us. It's going to be grand!

About ten grand for this week, I figure. Hahaha!

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