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Watch Out. Detour Ahead!

Unearthing major problems. Filling for permit changes. Inspections. Delays. Fees.

It’s all to be expected in the glory of home renovation. But with the $10,000 detour behind us, things are definitely looking up.

After extensive excavation of the existing “mayhem” under our house, the concrete has now been poured and the ensuite is now actually attached to the rest of the house! With subfloors in the works, we are focusing on electrical work this week.

And this brings big news.

We have outlets! If you’ve ever lived in an old house, you understand the use of extension cords, placed strategically around the room, hidden behind headboards and dressers. In the 1950’s, folks really just needed to plug in an alarm clock. Now we have about 800 chargers, lamps, blow dryers, curling irons, computers and warming pads for dog beds.

That last one may be a little ridiculous. Sorry, Frank.

We are especially excited to have a dedicated spot in the closet for all of the internet components and an out-of-sight charging station.

Dianne has prepared a brief video of our progress.

Be sure to watch the end of the video to enjoy a couple of our latest purchases (metal finishes may vary from photos). Beware: If you are not a fan of mid-century design, these items may not be your thing. But that’s okay. You can take a bath elsewhere!

Thanks for following along!

Next week we will give you a tour of the space. We are hoping for drywall soon!


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