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"That Was Easy," Said No Real Estate Agent Ever!

That was easy.

Well, that's what I want you to think. While you're sitting at home enjoying a cool beverage on the patio, I'm working behind the scenes fielding calls and emails from the other agent, the escrow officer, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, repair folks, and even nosy neighbors!

While you're sitting in the movie theatre enjoying the latest blockbuster, I'm filing addendums and assuring that all the timelines are being met for inspection contingencies, appraisal contingencies and loan contingencies.

In some cases, I am putting out fires that you will never even know were burning. My job is to make your real estate transaction as carefree and smooth as possible.

During one of my transactions, I got a phone call from a lender advising me that they couldn't finance the loan, which was due to close in three days. THREE DAYS. Apparently, there were some business expenses that adversely affected the loan funding.

The deal appeared to be dead in the water.

But after some quick thinking and conferring with one of my trusted lenders, we managed to secure a new loan--with better terms--and were able to close within just a few days of our original date.

At the end, my goal is for my clients to say, "That was easy!"

And I always smile.


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