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Sellers are in the Driver's Seat. Don't Wait Until Spring to "Spring" into Action!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The current market conditions make this winter an ideal time to sell a home. Here’s why.

The Number of Homes on the Market Remains Low

I cannot reiterate this statement strongly enough: Today’s limited supply of houses for sale is putting sellers in the driver’s seat.

In a recent transaction, my Seller received multiple offers ALL over the list price and eventually went into contract with Buyers who just wouldn’t (or couldn’t!) take no for an answer. They upped the price and reconsidered contingencies, making an ideal offer for my clients.

There are far more buyers in the market than there are homes available, and that means buyers are eagerly waiting for your house, literally refreshing their Zillow feed every few minutes. Listing your house now makes it the center of attention. As a seller, that means when it is priced correctly, you can potentially sell more quickly and get multiple strong offers this season.

Fair Warning: Experts project more inventory will come to market as we move through the winter months. The 2022 forecast says this: “After years of declining, the inventory of homes for sale is finally expected to rebound from all-time lows.”

Bottom Line: Selling now may help you maximize the return on your investment before your house has to face more competition from other sellers. If you’re considering selling to move up or downsize, this may be your moment, especially with today’s low mortgage rates and limited inventory. Reach out to me and let’s get you set up for a successful real estate transaction. I do it all—from project management to final walkthrough!


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