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Oprah's Got Nothing on Me! Doug's Favorite Things 2022!

I know you've all been waiting for my second annual 'Favorite Things' post with a little something for everyone on your gift list, sort of. Honestly, I'm a fairly simple guy with fairly simple taste (sorry, Oprah!) but since you've all been clamoring for my latest favorites, let's review my suggested gift ideas ad holiday suggestions!

Take that, Oprah.

Note: I may have provided links to a few of these products, but rest assured, I am in no way affiliated with sponsoring these products. I've got very little clout!

My Must-Have Household Product for my "Briefcase":


It never fails. I stop by to check on a listing and open the front door to a bone-chattering squeal. Or I'm examining cupboards in the kitchen and find hinges that just don't quite work. It’s no joke when I say that I always carry WD-40 in the briefcase/backpack. My only regret? I wish I could apply it to my own joints! Check out the 40 genius ways you should be using WD-40. I'm so inspired.

Favorite Budget Beauty Product:

Eucerin Everyday Lotion

You don't think I wake up every morning just looking like this, do you? Actually, I do but it's thanks to decades of moisturizing day and night. I really like the simplicity of this product with no discernible scent and I buy a product with SPF to keep me looking young(er).

Learn more about Eucerin.

My Favorite Brand of Shoes:


I love shoes! And I'm really impressed with my Penguins. Not only are they good-looking (dare I say trendsetting?) they wear well and go from casual to dressy with ease. Look at the details! I love the plaid inside the shoe and the wood sole. Learn more.

My Favorite Streaming/Broadcast Shows:

Big Shot, Boston Legal, and All the Baking Shows on Netflix and Food Network!

Everyone loves a good recommendation for binge-worthy programming. I just finished Big Shot on Disney Plus, a feel-good high school basketball show featuring John Stamos, who has aged pretty well. We decided to watch Boston Legal (circa 2005) because it was such a favorite in the olden days. Lately, I can’t stop watching all the baking shows, mostly because Dianne is so enamored

with the hosts! (Think Eddie Jackson, Jesse Palmer and blue-eyed Paul Hollywood. And who doesn't love Duff Goldman?) We are looking forward to 'Dead to Me' which just dropped on Netflix!

Cookware I Actually Use:

All-Clad Nonstick

Dianne and I eat a lot of eggs (don't lecture me about cholesterol) and our nonstick pans were scary. It seems like we were replacing them every few months. Dianne had a Williams-Sonoma gift card, so we decided to splurge on All-Clad's nonstick pans. We already have the stainless set which we have enjoyed for over 15 years. It was a great choice. The pans are silky smooth AND dishwasher safe!

My Favorite Security Device:


and Also my Arlo Camera System

Everyone knows that a dog is the best security device ever. You should hear Frank turn into a lunatic when the UPS folks walk down the sidewalk. No dog?

We have enjoyed our Arlo camera system. We have added new cameras to our system over the years and love the sense of security they provide in our tough neighborhood. It's also fun to look at all the animals eating our yard in the night. And we have an interior camera to check on Frank when we are

My Must-Have Cool Weather Item:

Voyager Shirt/Jacket

Lumberjack meets regular guy in this shirt/jacket I wear every single day. Dianne suggested maybe I buy something new. But it's my favorite. And it's lined with sherpa, whatever that is. Look like a lumberjack.

My Favorite Yard Tool:

Black and Decker Cordless Sweeper

Although we have a heavy-duty blower, it's mostly a "Saturday" tool. But using this lightweight rechargeable blower briefly every morning keeps the yard looking respectable in between "heavy-duty blower Saturdays." The charge on our 20V lasts about 15 minutes and is plenty for sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. Best part? It's under a hundred bucks. Upgrade to 130V for a little bit more. It's on sale!

Prevailing Favorite:

Real Estate!

Pictured: Our Lake Shasta Family Cabin

Real estate is a great investment. Looking to purchase a long-term or short-term rental? Thinking about buying a family vacation home or beach house? Put me to work for YOU!

Visit and then give me a call!

Happy Holidays!


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