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Mom's Must-Haves: Dianne's Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I thought it might be helpful to share a few truly great gift ideas, recommended by Dianne. She's a pretty good example of a woman with lots of titles--Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Mentor, Teacher ...

I could go on and I think that we could all go on and on about the roles that strong and faithful women play in our lives.

So, Dianne and I found some fun, thoughtful gifts that most women will appreciate, regardless of their role in your life. Showing love and appreciation on Mother's Day is always in style!


When Mom doesn't have time for a luxurious bath, how about the next best thing? Shower Steamers are both energizing and relaxing. A perfect gift. (And even better: This is a black-owned, women's business who truly knows what they are talking about!)



Candles are a favorite of a lot of folks and Dianne loves them, too. Her VERY favorite is the famous Volcano candle from Anthropologie, but she got pretty excited about a candle-of-the-month

subscription service. The candle scents cycle through the seasons and will probably make Mom pretty happy!



How cute is this? The concept of Bonsai is cool to begin with, but a gorgeous azalea takes it to a new level. This four-year old plant has been carefully shaped and manicured! I love the idea of keeping it on the deck, safely away from the friendly neighborhood deer.



Our son Matt got this for Dianne and filled it out. She was so touched by the gesture. Dianne is a "word" person, so being able to read and reread his sentiments meant a lot to her. It's a great gift. Highly recommend.


Sometimes prints can get a little cheesy, but Dianne liked the texture and modern simplicity of this print. Envision the grandkid's birthdates on it, the dog's birthdates, or whatever you wish! And it's great to support the local

vendors on Amazon.



If the Women in your life don't have Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, Dianne says to get them one. The silk is great for the skin and helps keep hair strong, smooth, and tangle-free. After her shoulder surgery, the pillowcase was a real lifesaver to keep her hair in good condition.

I hope this made your gift-giving a little easier! Happy Mother's Day to all the strong women out there!

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