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Mary Chilton Rocks. As In Plymouth Rock!

Painting by Henry Bacon

(This post is written by guest author, Dianne Dalton Gamblin who acknowledges that she wasn't there at Plymouth Rock to witness the event!)

My Tenth Great Grandmother is cooler than yours.

In 1620, thirteen-year-old Mary Chilton set sail from Holland on the Mayflower with her parents. Her father died in December as the ship sat in the harbor at Cape Cod. Her mother fell victim to “The First Sickness,” and never got off the ship, leaving Mary an orphan.

But that’s not the story that I want to tell. That sounds like a sad story, probably far too common in an era without antibiotics and ibuprofen!

I want to tell the story of a resilient, resourceful girl who set an example for me, and you, too, if you’re paying close attention.

According to tradition, young Mary Chilton raced John Alden, a 21 year old crew member of the ship, to the front of the launch as the Mayflower passengers came ashore at Plymouth Rock.

Artwork titled Mary Chilton's Leap

She took a leap off the boat and was the first person to set foot on Plymouth Rock. The painting, “The Landing of the Pilgrims”, by Henry Bacon, reflects this tradition.

So, picture a spunky 13 year-old orphan girl having such tenacity and excitement for the life that lay ahead for her! Fearless, hopeful, happy! If genetics can pass along such traits, it is my great wish to emulate my 10th Great Grandmother Mary.

Mary later married John Winslow and had ten children. Their Boston homesite is a historical landmark.

And in case you are curious:

James Chilton 11th Great Grandfather

Mary Chilton 10th Great Grandmother

Susannah Winslow 9th Great Grandmother

Sarah Latham 8th Great Grandmother

Susannah Howard 7th Great Grandmother

Susannah Ames 6th Great Grandmother

Solomon Angell 5th Great Grandfather

James William Angell 4th Great Grandfather

Solomon Angell 3rd Great Grandfather

Alma Truman Angell 2nd Great Grandfather

George Edward Angell Great Grandfather

Edna Angell Grandmother

Maurice Dwane Dalton Father

Dianne Dalton Gamblin ME!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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