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Just Good. No Bad. No Ugly. And the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Well, we made it through demo and we are coming out on the other side. The construction site is kind of what I imagine hell looks like—and smells like-- with debris all willy nilly and stinking like 1950. (Sorry to you folks who feel slighted by that comment. But apparently, 70 year old gases from eroding tar paper and whatnot seeping into the ground is nasty.)

But I digress.

Look at how much better it’s looking! The rough plumbing is in and it’s ready for a concrete grade beam and subfloor. Not only does it look better, it smells better too!

And check this out: Doug is actually standing in my actual walk-in closet! Note: I haven’t had a walk-in closet since 2010. Or much of a closet at all, to tell you the truth.

Today, we promised to focus only on the GOOD. No bad. No ugly, unless you think shih tzus are ugly and if you feel that way, we simply cannot be friends.


Doug and I have been doing some shopping for our new bathroom and we want to share! We are going for “Zen Meets Mid-Century” although I refuse to use the term “spa-like retreat.” (Have you looked out my window? Fifty turkeys do not roost outside the bathroom window at a spa-like retreat!) Basically, we are going for serene, white marble-like finishes, glass enclosures, and a shapely soaking tub mixed with birch-colored mid-century cabinetry (with feet!) to warm it up.

This is the vanity. I swoon.

Isn’t my tub pretty? I haven’t had a bath since 2010, I kid you not. (Don’t worry—I’ve had plenty of showers!) And fun fact: Amazon Prime delivers bathtubs. What is this world coming to?

And the new toilet isn’t too shabby. Doug refused—absolutely REFUSED—to spend $800 for a Toto toilet and so we “settled” for a mid-range, but highly rated Swiss Madison model, which makes me absolutely want to yodel because it’s Swiss, of course. Yes, maybe even yodel while sitting on the toilet!

Currently we plan for the marble to sweep across the floor and up the wall behind the bathtub and shower with either penny or hexagon tile on the shower floor. Which do you prefer?

We may use an interesting wallpaper or shiplap treatment behind the vanity. We have also purchased a cool “bathroom pharmacy” piece for storage instead of just a boring built-in cabinet.

We had some other construction-related purchases this week as well.

Doug is the proud owner of two new tires for his BMW. Despite best efforts, he picked up a nail and Big O Tires can NEVER fix our run-flats and they can NEVER give you just one tire, so here you go.

PRO TIP: Be sure to budget new tires in your next renovation. We totally forgot about that.

I was losing my mind about everything, and retail therapy sometimes helps. So, when Doug and I were at Target, I HAD to buy this:

I am feeling much better now.

ANOTHER PRO TIP: Be sure to budget random purchases into your own renovation. They will be essential to keeping your cool.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Stay tuned!

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