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Selling Your Home: Is it Time to Take Your Shot?

basketball shot

Welcome to the ultimate guide where we explore the art of selling your home – a process akin to nailing a silky smooth basketball shot, just like my "silky smooth Doug Gamblin" days in high school. (The newspaper reporter's words, not mine!)

Decades later, the analogy still holds, and we're here to show you why selling your home is indeed a sweet spot in the current real estate game.

Join us as we break down the mechanics, assess the market's defense, and help you find that perfect spot on the court to make your selling journey a resounding success. Let's shoot for victory together!




According to an insightful article by Calculated Risk, the current data reveals a notable increase of 15.6% in homes for sale compared to the same week last year. This indicates a growth in inventory. However, when we harken back to 2019, the last normal year in the housing market, a stark reality surfaces – there are nearly 40% fewer homes available today. This striking contrast underscores the favorable conditions for sellers in the current real estate landscape.


Of course, every market is different. Here in Walnut Creek, for example, inventory for single family homes remains low and a well-priced, well-marketed home can sell quickly. I’d love to talk to you about market statistics in your location and to provide the insights you need to move forward with confidence.


Here’s a breakdown of how this benefits you when you sell:


More Options for Your Move: If you're contemplating a sale due to changing needs, the increased year-over-year growth in inventory provides you with more options for your home search. This surge in availability makes it less challenging to find a home that aligns with your preferences.


Limited Competition: Despite the rise in available homes, the inventory is still significantly lower than in a “typical year.” While the inventory is improving, the deficit is substantial, providing sellers with a unique advantage. With the right pricing strategy, your house is likely to attract considerable attention from eager buyers, potentially leading to a swift sale. It’s all about the sweet spot!


For homeowners contemplating a sale, now is the sweet spot. The increased inventory offers more options for your next home, and the limited competition from other sellers remains a notable advantage.


If you're ready to make a move, let’s talk about the perks I offer both buyers and sellers. It’s time to take your shot.

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