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Covid-19 Update: Business as Usual!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021


Even with the most recent COVID guidelines in the Bay Area, real estate is considered an essential service and has been operating safely since March. The newest guidelines enacted for Bay Area counties has no impact on procedures for listing and showing property. In fact, the market in our area has adapted well to the recommendations and remains very strong.

Do you have questions about the process of visiting a property in person? Don’t be intimated about the new procedures. The requirements are quite simple and help to keep everyone safe!


If you are a Buyer, it’s not difficult to view a home in person. The process entails a few simple steps required by the California Association of Realtors to assure both your safety and the safety of the Sellers.

To visit a home, Clients must sign a PEAD (Property Entry Advisory and Declaration) form via DocuSign (just a couple of clicks from your phone!) which is then sent to the Seller’s agent. The form simply acknowledges the potential risk of COVID exposure and ensures that all entrants will comply with safety procedures such as a wearing a mask. In addition, the number of people entering a home at a given time is limited to two visitors at a time accompanied by their agent who assures that all safety guidelines are met including proper physical distancing.

Your visit to the property will be carefully timed to avoid interaction with other interested parties. Your safety is my first priority!

Interested in seeing a property? Don’t let a few “clicks” stop you from learning more. Give me a call or text to learn more.


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