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Add Another Caption to 2020: A Year of Record-breaking Opportunities in Real Estate!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

With mortgage rates hitting historic lows, appreciating home values, affordability rising, and the market recovering in an unexpected and dramatic way, 2020 is leaving a lasting impression!

What is the impression for Buyers? Mortgage News Daily reports: “Those shopping for a home can afford 10 percent more home than they could have one year ago while keeping their monthly payment unchanged. This translates into nearly $32,000 more buying power.

What’s the impression for Sellers? Quicken Loans advises, “The pandemic has not stopped the consistent home price growth we have witnessed in recent years.”

The Result? The real estate market has transformed in just a few months from rock-bottom lows to unexpected highs. Today, the housing recovery is being called truly remarkable by many experts and is far exceeding expectations. From pending home sales to purchase agreements, buyers are back in business and homes are selling – fast.

How can YOU take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by 2020? Let’s talk!


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