HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY, HOLLY HILL! let's celebrate & win prizes! 

Born in 1951, this true mid-century gem is celebrating a significant milestone this year and we want you to join the party! 

For her birthday, we are getting her a brand new primary ensuite and we invite you to follow our journey.

Check out our website every week for updates on the progress and answer a simple trivia question to be entered in weekly drawings AND for a chance to win a $70 VISA gift card as the grand prize winner. (Because she's 70... get it?) And the answers don't even have to be right. We don't care!

Every week we will give away a$10 Starbucks or Target gift card and each response gives you an entry into the final grand prize drawing. 

Let's have some birthday fun!

tell a friend to join the party!

Who was President of the United States in 1951?
It's that easy! Just submit your answer and you will be entered in this week's drawing. You'll also receive an entry into the grand prize drawing as well.

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