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From Listing to Market: Six Weeks to Sold

Interested in learning more about the listing process and exploring timelines? Today, I'll share a recent listing timeline to help you get an idea of what an "average" home needs to come to market.

As an example, we will use the timeline of a recent listing in Concord. Of course, every house listing and preparation is different. Some homes come to market quicker, some take a little more time. There is no “right” amount of time!

Let's Check it Out

First, we signed a listing agreement, walked the house and made an assessment of tasks to complete. Yes, we created a good, old-fashioned to do list!

Step 1: Pre-Market Inspections, Week One

Before one of our listings ever hits the market, we invest in pre-market inspections. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential issues in advance, giving peace of mind and a stronger position when negotiating with potential buyers. It really makes a difference, so much so, that we pay for it!

Step 2: Necessary Repairs, Week One-Week Two Address any necessary repairs promptly. This includes fixing leaky faucets, squeaky doors, or any other issues that may deter potential buyers. A well-maintained home is more attractive to buyers. In this case, we addressed Section One issues that were discovered during inspections to ensure a ready-to-sell property.

Step 3: Interior Paint and Touch-Ups, Week Three

A fresh coat of interior paint can work wonders in making your home feel new and inviting. Neutral tones can appeal to a broader range of buyers, allowing them to envision their own style within the space.

In this case, the homeowners also painted existing cabinetry and installed recessed lighting in kitchen and bathrooms.

Step 3: Landscaping Spruce-Up, Week Two-Three Curb appeal matters. Enhance your home's exterior by tidying up the landscaping. Trim bushes, plant seasonal flowers, and ensure the front entrance is welcoming and well-maintained. The homeowners opted to remove an old pergola and refresh the existing deck for the soon-to-be homebuyers enjoy.

Step 5: Spic 'n Span Before staging, it’s a good idea to perform a thorough housecleaning including windows. Nothing is more appealing than a clean, sunlit space.

Step 6: Staging for Success, Week Five

Professional staging can make a world of difference. A stager will optimize your home's layout and décor to showcase its potential. This can help buyers visualize how the space can work for them and create an emotional connection to the property. As an added plus, photography and video really shines in a staged home.

Step 6: Photos and Videos, Week Five

High-quality photos and videos are crucial in the digital age. We hire a professional photographer to capture your home in its best light. We purchase high-quality drone photos and video to show your home to potential buyers in a creative and engaging fashion.

Step 7: Building a Website, Week Four-Five We craft a dedicated website for your property. This online hub can host photos, videos, and essential details about your home and neighborhood. It's a valuable tool for our extensive marketing plan and provides a central place for interested buyers to learn more.

Step 8: Delivering Neighborhood Flyers, Week Five We walk the neighborhood to spread the word about your home sale by delivering neighborhood flyers. Neighbors might know someone looking to move into the area or have friends and family interested in living nearby.

Step 9: Coming to Market, We DID it! When your home is ready, it's time to come to market officially. Let the maximum exposure begin!

Step 10: The Blockbuster Open House, First Weekend

Now, it's time for some fun—the blockbuster open house. We provide refreshments, brochures, and a raffle which all aim to showcase the best features of your home. A well-executed open house can create a buzz and generate multiple offers. And in this case, it was successful! We were fortunate to receive offers within a few days.

The hard work definitely paid off!

Selling a home is a journey filled with many steps, but with careful planning and the right team by your side, you can navigate it successfully. From pre-market inspections to the blockbuster open house, each stage brings you closer to finding the perfect buyer and securing the next chapter in your life.

Call me to explore your potential timeline. No obligation. Just the facts! 925.360.3261


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